June 28, 2013

Swell quilt

Well, finally Swell quilt is done! 

First, I do wanna tell a little bit about the process of making this quilt. I hope I can help you with my mistakes also my hits on the way. Since we're quilting along, I really wish you can get the most of this.


This quilt is officially my daughter's quilt. Since day one, I knew that she would love the colors and prints I chose for this quilt. Most of the scraps came from previews bags I used to make (I had a small bag company named with my name years ago) before she was born. I couldn't get a rid of those scraps before moving to USA, so I brought them with me. I even thought it was a big craziness of mine because I caught myself several times looking for those bags of scraps and having no idea what I should make with them.

Back and batting:

I liked this pattern so much because it gave me all the freedom to use my scraps. Even the back I was determined to make a very scrappy one. I'm so glad Camille chose this pattern as the first one in the book. This quilt definitely can be make only by scraps. It should be. You just need some white or neutral fabrics to stand the prints out.
I'm in love with the Pellon batting I've used for this quilt. It is 100% bleached cotton. I liked it even more than one I use for a baby quilt I made while ago (I used other brand, a mix of bamboo and cotton batting, very light, but great one too).

My daughter still sleeping in a kind of half crib/half bed. Before she gets a new bed the quilt will bring a lot of color to her room.


The most challenging part of making this quilt... I've to confess, I'm not experienced handling big quilts on my machine. I've a Dream Series Quilter machine by Baby Lock, an excellent machine. But, I still need a lot of practice quilting. So, I decided I would make swirls on the white area, and on the crosses, I'd stitch in the ditch or make the same quilting pattern as Camille's quilt in the book (kind of four points flower). I just couldn't decide again. So, I did the swirls and left for last quilting on the printed area, I mean, on the crosses (not good method since the quilting should be continuous through the quilt). Result of that: I gave up on it and wasn't excited anymore to get over the whole quilt again. 

Actually, I wasn't bothered by the crosses not being quilted and decided to bind instead of wasting my time with indecision on what to do. My hope now is: quilting the printed area in my next long arm machine quilting class. 

I quilted loops on the inner border (white) and decided not to quilt the outer border. The fabric from the outer border has some texture and I think it looks beautiful the way it is.


One more chance to use scraps... I still had some strips and they were perfect to make a scrappy binding.  I machine binding my quilt. I know it can be prettier made by hand, but I'll be less worried throwing this quilt in the wash machine. And I'm sure I'll do that a lot ;-)

Overall this is a very simple pattern to follow.  Just pay attention at the diagram and follow that. The finished size of my quilt is 43"x 49". I'd make this quilt in many color combinations and I'd have a lot of fun each time!

I'd love to hear your experiences through the process of making your first project from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley. If you are just getting to know about this quilt along, please join us and learn more here and here.
For those that are following along I just updated the week 1 post. Check it out here.

June 25, 2013

Deck-ade the Halls with Fat Quarter Shop - Block 3

I'm as happy as I can be and... crazy as usual! Well, let me explain that. Right now my back is hurting because I couldn't stop sewing in the past two days (also bad position while sleeping). I put my Swell quilt on hold a bit because I was making my blocks from the quilt along by Fat Quarter Shop. All of this insanity is because we love quilting, right?!

I've pushing myself lately. I needed to. And now, I feel incredible good :-) (even with back pain, how crazy is that?) I took a long break after my daughter was born and now I've being more organized and taking advantage of each little time I have. Most of the time I'm squeezing my schedule  to have a spare time to sew! I feel great and I just wanted to share my joy!

Let's talk about these a-do-ra-ble blocks called Vintage Ornaments by Fat Quarter Shop. Without a doubt it was the easiest blocks to piece so far. As always, I had to make them very scrappy, even so I didn't take longer to make all the five blocks from this Christmas quilt designed by the kind Jolly Jabber girls, Kimberly and Jocelyn (love seeing you both in the video ;-)).

Some mini charm packs (Aspen Frost and Esprit de Noel) from my stash has being very handy for this project since the units for the blocks are in most cases smaller than 2.5" inches.

Hope to see your projects at the flickr group too! You're also welcome to leave your link in the comments if you want!


June 24, 2013

Simply Retro Quilt Along - starting now! Week 1- Swell project

Today is the day! Read the instructions bellow and leave your link! If you're getting in here for the first time read more about the Simply Retro Quilt Along here and join us!

I need to bind my "Swell" quilt and I'll be back with pictures soon this week :-)

Our featured sponsors this week are: Fat Quarter Shop and Stash Books!


The prizes are one copy of the Book Simply Retro from Stash Books + one charm pack Happy-go-lucky prize from Fat Quarter Shop! The winner will be picked on July, 1th July July 8th (giving more time for those that wanna participate but, just joined in).

The winner of our first quilt along giveaway is... Elaine! Please, contact me!

June 21, 2013

WIP - Swell pattern from Simply Retro

Some days ago I decided I was going to quilt "Swell", pattern from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley (for those that just got on my blog) with pebbles . 

After starting with pebbles (yes I did, now I've to use my seam ripper a bit)  I could see it would take forever to be done... Then, I decided I was going to quilt with swirls like Camille's quilt (Swell was quilted by Angela Walters). So, I took this huge risk changing my mind on the way but, I'm glad I did! Just don't compare my quilting with Angela's! hahaha And, please triple check which quilting pattern are you going to do before starting quilting it...

Here is a block from the quilt (some of my blocks ended up a bit different than the pattern's diagram. I didn't pay attention  following the diagram for the blocks (too bad :-/). Then, in order to not get fabrics repeated  in the same block I kept with a different assembly for some of them. Big mistake of mine! I should've planed all the units arrangement (there are four units for each block) before sewing them randomly. So, just follow Camille's diagram, so simple and easy! :-D

That's it for today! Just wanted to give some heads up because I'm sure I'll have a lot to share and talk next Monday!

June 20, 2013

Getting close: Quilt Along Simply Retro!

Hi everyone! Our quilt along is getting very very close! I'm nervous and...excited! I'm finishing my first quilt from the book, called "Swell", and I can't wait to show it next June 24th, our starting day! We'll have our first giveaway and I'll be using Inlinkz
so you can leave your link to your projects. It'll be so much fun checking out each other projects!

How about you? Have you started? Any blocks done? Have you chosen your fabrics for each project? I can tell you, choosing fabrics it's fun but very time consuming too! So, don't put it off and go for your fabrics!

I also want introduce to all of you our sponsors so far. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact me, there is still time!

I'm so thankful for each of our quilt along sponsors... you all are wonderful! Sneak a peek in some of the prizes from each Sponsor:

Stash Books - one book Simply Retro
Fat Quarter Shop - four charm packs from Bonnie and Camille's collection
Fabricworm - a yard of fabric winner's choice from Yay Day collection
Pellon - two packaged battings
Pink Chalk fabrics- a $25 gift certificate
Sew me a song - a bundle of fabric
Aurifil - packs of threads
The Quilted Castle - a $20 gift certificate
Pleasant Home - a goodies box full of sewing things (how exciting is that?! :-) thanks Jodi!)
Fabric Bubb - a charm pack of Ride Collection by Julia Rothman
Craftsy - classes!





June 13, 2013

Deck-ade the Halls by Fat Quarter Shop - Block 2

What a busy week! We have spent a lot of time with friends these days. We had two birthday parties and more are coming in the next weeks. Play dates, barbecues, cherry picking! Wow! Let's take advantage of these sunny days and enjoy with our kids and family!

But, can I be very honest? I do need my sewing time. As I have told before my time is very short to sew and with all these events happening it was even shorter in the last days. I squeezed here and there and here they are, my stars from the Quilt Along Deck-ade the Halls by Fat Quarter Shop! If you're getting to know about this quilt along just now, please visit Kimberly and their team at Jolly Jabber. They have designed a wonderful Christmas quilt with cute and original blocks like trees, mugs and gingerbread men (click here to see mine).
These stars are a piece-of-pie to make. After you have cut them all, it's so easy to piece them. Oh well, you need be extra careful matching the points to get perfect stars. After sewing my units I realized one of my stars didn't match the points so, I'm gonna fix that.

I have used scraps from my stash and some fabrics from the mini-charm packs Aspen Frost and Esprit de Noel. You also can find the kit to make the entire quilt at Fat Quarter Shop with Aspen Frost. I love this collection specially the prints with aqua and green background as you can see on some of the stars. 

There is still  plenty of time to make your Christmas quilt, start it now!

June 09, 2013

Just like mommy!

Just like mommy... humm, not exactly like mommy but, very close! Well, just a little joke since my daughter Clarice looks like a LOT her daddy, and not me, the mom! But, that's OK. I can play "like mother, like daughter" sewing for us with the same fabric. How about that?! As I told here and here, I made these dresses with  the prints "Lady like green tea" and "Lady like black tea" from Carnaby Street collection by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery. I love, love this fabric in both backgrounds tea and green. The fabric is soft and brilliant, yes, it is 100% cotton, but it is a special premium cotton by Art Gallery, for sure it makes all the difference. I felt these fabrics just appropriate for sewing the dresses. I hope you like the pictures, we enjoyed a lot last Sunday at the park!

June 06, 2013

Deck-ade the Halls by Fat Quarter Shop - Block 1

When I watched the video  with Kimberly and Jocelyn explaining how they did get to design this fabulous Christmas quilt I just fell in love. Fat quarter Shop is celebrating 10 years of their online shop "with 10 blocks and 10 fabrics".

Could you resist those gingerbread men on the top? Those mugs on the right to the bottom of the quilt? A few days later the first pattern was up also another video from Kimberly where she gives some tips on how to make the units to construct your three first blocks for this quilt, I mean the "Three Wise Gingerbread Men" blocks!

Visit the Fat Quarter Shop blog to get all the info you need to make a quilt exactly as this one  and upload the PDF files with instructions.
Here they are, my gingerbread men! Just a quick note of my choices of fabric for this blocks also for the entire quilt.  I went to my stash and found some fabrics very likely to be in a Christmas quilt like polka dots on red, green and blue also some solids.

I'm also a Mini Charm pack club member at Fat Quarter Shop and I just got "Aspen Frost" and "Esprit the Noel" by mail early in this week. So, I couldn't ask more to just starting making my first blocks.

I have a tip if you're making your gingerbread men blocks. I did press open all the seam allowances on the wrong side. It worked for me as the best way to avoid bulky on the wrong side, specially on the bowties and buttons (lots of tiny units). I also didn't want to make bowties and buttons with the same print. So, I mixed the prints up and I love the result.  And as you can see I still need to ad sashing between the blocks.

I'm so happy to know that my family and I will have a beautiful quilt laying down on our living room for this Christmas. I'm sure a lot of memories will just start to be built. Let me know if you are making this quilt too. I'd love to see.

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