February 25, 2014

Windmill block - Wishes quilt along

Oh these days have been fun and hard at the same time... just how the life is, right? The hard part: everyone still has a cold in this home (going to be 10 days or so). And it seems to be part of the routine. The fun part: I could see a bunch of friends last weekend, like a miracle I was strong enough to handle a lot of things (make food, clean the house, go up and down on the stairs many, uncountable times). As soon as the home was empty again, everyone including my daughter and hubby, even the dog ( it also sneezes sometimes) threw ourselves on the bed just hoping for better days...

So, I've finished this block when things were quiet here, but had my computer not cooperating at all to post it before. 

 This is the second block from Wishes Quilt Along. I did write down some observations while making this block.  First of all, it is like you're making four blocks, mini ones to get the big one, final size 14,5" inches. It took more time cutting and piecing than the first block of this series. If  I'm not wrong there are 24 pieces in each of the four mini blocks, total of 96 pieces to make one single block. If you ask me, I don't think I'll be making this block again, at least not in this size. However, would be fun making one of those mini blocks as a single block and larger!

Update: I just added Windmill block on Wip Wednesday at Freshly Pieced blog by Lee. I'm so excited to have one more opportunity to push myself weekly and show what I've been doing during the week.

And here some pics from about 10 days ago, before the cold and all the stuff I told on the top... some fun in the park, and some rare pics of myself during this pregnancy (32 weeks along).

February 10, 2014

Block 2 - Sugar Block of the Month 2014

I've pieced one more block from 2014 Sugar BOM Club hosted by Amy Gibson (see my first block here and get more info about the Club). It's a very nice block made by units all constructed in the same way. As I already told Amy's instructions and pictures are clear and everything looks so easy to make. As a bad student I didn't wanna mark the center of the squares and triangles before sewing (in order to get the diamonds-in-square units). As a result I didn't get matching points when I sewed the rows. I did sew many times until I was satisfied with the points matching, but actually if I had started it right would've made things easier!!! However I'm very happy with my fabric selection ;-)

So, it's just a quick tip if you're going to make your block. And...have fun! (more blocks from other members of the club here).

February 06, 2014

A Lovely Year of finishes - Dwell quilt

I've set some goals for 2014. I didn't talk much about it here, but I've a fellow journal where I'm taking notes what I should be doing to get things done week by week. It includes setting up the nursery for my  new baby (just have two months!), some ideas old and new about my blog (never give up of blogging also in Portuguese as I used to), re-making my bag patterns (I've made dozens of them, produced while I had a business in Brazil), and so on and on...

But, small steps have shown up more results than jumping for the big ones and not finishing them. For example: I don't wanna have a closet full of tops crying to be quilted.

This is one of my tops that need to be finished, Dwell - pattern from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley. I made this top during the quilt along I hosted). As part of the motivation to go ahead and give this top life as a quilt I joined "A loved year of finishes" hosted by Shanna from Fiber of all sorts. Every first week of each month you should set up a goal, a project that need to be finished. Then, in the last week of the same month you link again your finished project. There are a lot of prizes for participants, but, honestly, at this time my prize is going to come with the joy of finishing my project. That's it :)

My goal is to quilt and bind this top before the end of February! Crossing fingers with me? ;)

Do you have something in your list that need to be finished? What are you going to do in order to get this done in the next weeks/months? I'd love to know!